User Acquisition Intelligence

The final layer to your paid marketing stack. Enable intelligent
data-driven decisions effortlessly:

How it works

1. Aggregate fragmented data

Stop worrying about building and maintaining your data pipeline. Connect to a variety of media, attribution and analytics sources via our managed library of API connectors. Perform flexible data transformations using our self-service interface with zero SQL scripting.

2. Unify & enrich data

Calculate ROAS down to creative, keyword and sub pub id level. Our proprietary unification system allows cost and conversion data to be unfieid at the most granular level. Couple this with the ability to enrich data with additional tags, allowing users to produce more actionable insights with minimal effort.

3. Analyse & monitor

Analyse data in a way that suits your business by building highly flexible reports and dashboards. Visually analyse creative performance with thumbnails, and monitor pacing of actual performance vs target..

4. Make confident decisions

Increase scale, forecast performance at the most granular level to identify opportunities and inhibitors. Make confident decisions after testing multiple scenarios to find the optimal media mix.

Customer stories
World’s leading postcard app increased volume of new customers by 8X

"We were recommended to Appsumer and were impressed by their genuine and unique approach: SaaS and temporary agency type management. In addition to helping us drive massive scale and efficiency, Appsumer supported us in implementing a proper digital infrastructure, while creating a framework that enabled us to be confident with our own testing and marketing efforts. In result, Appsumer’s team were pivotal in proving the business case for in-house resource and scale mobile media budget."

- Mehul Garg Marketing Director

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Customer stories
Restaurant booking app reduced CPA by 72%, while scale increased by 4x

“Appsumer were able to significantly improve our ROI within just a few months. This was made possible thanks to their platform and its ability to unify our 1st party data from our BI Team with all our paid media channels, allowing us to optimise for quality users at a granular level.”

- Chris Steinau SVP Marketing

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