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Snapchat will soon be launching non-skippable mobile video ads

Snapchat plans to test non-skippable ads across its videos, according to Digiday. The format – “Commercials” – are essentially 6-second long adverts that will run in Snapchat Shows. The format will go live on May 15th. It remains to be seen how effective these ads will be.

Amazon Ad Revenue Accelerates

It’s safe to say Amazon’s ad business is flourishing. The e-commerce giant reported in its Q1 2018 filing that it’s ad revenue grew 132 percent year over year to reach $2 billion. This leap shows Amazon is reaping the benefits of an aggressive shift into programmatic digital ad technology.


Nexon’s Warren Woodward on User Acquisition and Bridging East and West in Gaming

Nexon’s director of UA shares his insights with IronSource on the evolution of mobile UA and the importance of soft launches. “When it comes to handling UA in soft launches, you still have to figure out how to get enough clean data. This is where you can try just reaching out to a friend or acquaintance within the UA industry that can point you in the right direction and suggest one or two high quality ad networks to use, and you should have at least one marketing person that’s willing to learn enough to manage those partners. Then you can eventually decide “okay, we’re ready to bring this to market, now let’s bring in a UA expert.”

Adwords Competitor Targeting: Everything You Need To Know To Do It Right

The folks at AdEspresso have put together some solid tips for Search ads, specifically for targeting competitor terms. “Create value propositions that your competitors don’t address to better resonate with their users. Take advantage of ad extensions they aren’t using.”

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