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iOS App Store’s all-time top game made $4 billion to top app’s $1 billion

With the App Store's 10th birthday just around the corner, App Annie released a report highlighting the top games of all time. The report reveals that top apps have made $1B in revenue as of May 2018, with the most profitable game, Clash of Clans, making a whopping $4B since its creation. Interestingly, the lists suggest that while big U.S. companies with global footprints led the App Store in downloads for its first decade, Chinese companies have been climbing the charts, in some cases achieving high rankings — and revenues — solely through downloads in China.


The Google Play algorithm change and the peril of ASO

Last week, Google released an official statement on its Android Developers’ Blog explaining a recent change in the Google Play store that favours apps with high engagement (i.e. high retention rates and low uninstall rates). Some developers reported a near-total loss of organic installs on Google Play. Eric Seufert on MobileDevMemo, highlights the risk of relying on ASO as a marketing strategy. Developers relying solely on ASO to drive downloads are ultimately at the mercy of platform operators, who can implement algorithm changes with no warning. 

Mobile app install advertising spend predicted to increase 2.3x over three years

Ad expenditure for app install campaigns is predicted to grow 2.3x over the next three years, according to research by AppsFlyer. Appsflyer also noted that app-install costs are increasing with cost-per-install growing 10% year-on-year. iOS app install costs continue to be roughly 50% more expensive than Android. However, Android may actually provide better ROI in the UK and Western Europe. 

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