World’s leading postcard app increased volume of new customers by 8X

Touchnote allows people to easily print and send personalised postcards, greeting cards, canvases and more, using their own photos.

The challenge:
Touchnote saw an opportunity for growth in a key seasonal period and therefore needed to scale mobile acquisition efficiently. Two years of back and forth between relying upon digital agencies and internal resource meant paid media was never being used to its full potential. Touchnote teamed up with Appsumer to realise their goals. We then identified three main challenges:

  • Without a framework, infrastructure and proper internal resource in place to test mobile acquisition channels, they were struggling to scale
  • Above the line channels such as TV, press and outdoor were reaching their limits
  • They were conscious of tight CPAs


The Solution:

Automate ROI Reporting
We were able to streamline Touchnote’s reporting system, transforming their weekly reports into daily, which ultimately became real-time data. Automating this process allowed Touchnote to be more reactive, making smart decisions, faster.

Creative Visualisation
With numerous campaigns running simultaneously, it was difficult to understand which creative was working and which wasn’t. The visualisation and tagging in our platform enabled us to organise their segments for a more detailed analysis. Insights could therefore be gathered a lot quicker.

Optimising CPAs
Being reactive, with the ability to constantly refresh creative and audiences to the best performing CPAs spend led to speeding up the entire decision making process.

The Result
Appsumer’s team were able to automate the decision making process, significantly freeing up internal resources. User growth was scaled by 8X during a key period, and CPAs were reduced by 40x.

"We were recommended to Appsumer and were impressed by their genuine and unique approach: SaaS and temporary agency type management. In addition to helping us drive massive scale and efficiency, Appsumer supported us in implementing a proper digital infrastructure, while creating a framework that enabled us to be confident with our own testing and marketing efforts. In result, Appsumer’s team were pivotal in proving the business case for in-house resource and scale mobile media budget."

Mehul Garg

Marketing Director