Apple Search Ads- Appsflyer’s Preliminary Performance Findings

App marketers are constantly looking for new ways to get their apps discovered. With over 2 million apps currently in the App Store, app discovery is said to be largely broken. To fix things, Apple began showing ads in the search results of its App Store last month. Appsflyer have presented their preliminary findings of the performance of Apple Search Ads as it relates to scale, engagement, retention, spend, as well as a keyword analysis showing what users search for when looking to download an app. See all the findings, here.

Key Takeaway:

Advertisers have almost doubled their investment in Apple Search Ads since the beginning of the month and Search Ads were seen to generate 6 in-app actions per install, which is the fourth highest ratio amongst media sources. What’s more, 72% of search queries that resulted in an install were not based on the actual name of the app. Initial findings demonstrate that Search Ads can deliver engaged users at scale, with solid retention.