Google unveils 3 new features to help app marketers

Google has unveiled three features to help app marketers better reach and engage with consumers. Marketers are now able to automate video ads, recommend similar apps, and better target consumers who are more likely to make in-app purchases. This all comes as part of the new offering under Google’s Universal App Campaigns (UAC).


Key Takeaway:

With these updates, Google aims to fix a number of issues that app marketers face. For instance, with only a small share of users actually spending money in-app (just 5% according to Appsflyer), giving marketers the ability to specifically target those users could help better monetize their apps. As well as this, the ability to recommend apps to users who have downloaded similar apps could help alleviate the high churn rate in app engagement. The new tools are also an effective method of increasing app visibility, to combat the overcrowding of the app store.