Snapchat Launches “Groups” Feature and New Creative Tools

Snapchat has been busy adding some new features, including Groups, a new group chat that allows as many as 16 people to share conversation and media. Within the group chat, you’ll also be able to directly message specific friends through the “quick chat” function. In the same style as regular Snaps, Snaps sent to a group can only be played once and replayed once by each recipient. The snap will automatically be deleted if not played within the 24-hour time frame.

Key Takeaway:

Alongside the new Groups feature, Snapchat is rolling out two new creative tools, scissors and paintbrush. Paintbrush, can be applied to Snaps in you “memories” and Scissors can be tapped at the top of the screen to turn your image into a sticker, which can be saved for later use. It will be interesting to see how brands leverage the new tool in the coming months. This is launching on iOS first, and will be rolled out to Android later.