Snapchat is launching new measurement opportunities for marketers in Europe

Snapchat is making a big push on measurement for advertisers in Europe. As of today, advertisers in the UK and France will be able to use Moat, third party measurement firm to analyse the effectiveness of their video campaigns on the app. Now, advertisers running campaigns in Europe will be able to measure metrics such as “human and viewable”, which determines whether their ads have actually been seen by people, not bots, and “human, viewable and audible” – which lets them know whether users had the sound on when viewing their video ads.

Key Takeaway:

Complaints from advertisers on Snapchat have long since focused on measurement capabilities, and lack thereof, in comparison to what they had come to expect from other digital platforms. It seems that with the new capabilities, Snapchat is making moves to address such criticism while proving the effectiveness of their Video ads.