Streamlining the workflow for performance driven user acquisition specialists and enabling effective decision-making on demand.

Fragmented Marketing Data?

Slow Reporting?

Late Optimisations?

1. Aggregate

Automate Data Collection

  • Connect dozens of live data APIs from popular mobile media partners and analytics tools
  • Upload data from any source using a variety of import methods
  • Gather cost data for non-API sources in real-time
  • Export raw data when and how you need it

Maintain Granular Consistency

  • Unify cost and attribution data for true ROI
  • Auto tagging to ensure data quality
  • Organise meta-data to speak your language

Access On-Demand Insights

  • Build flexible reports for different campaigns and stakeholders
  • Uncover true ROI and deep-funnel CPA
  • Visualise creative performance
  • Identify top-performing sub publisher IDS

Forecast impact of optimisations

  • Build robust media plans
  • Monitor performance vs goals
  • Test optimisation scenarios
  • Reallocate budget mid-campaign

Achieve Mobile Marketing Success

Within 3 months of using Appsumer, our customers on
average improve CPAs by 48%, and increase volume by 4x.

Ready to improve performance
with actionable insights?