Appsumer offers a managed on-boarding service to ensure you're up and running with minimal effort from your side.
This includes:
  • Needs discovery
  • Historic data loading
  • Customised templates

Data management

For UA teams with little BI support, Appsumer can handle all non-automated data processing. This includes:
  • Access to data with zero data ops
  • Clear & consistent data tagging
  • Data automation

On-going customer success

Access to our expert team of customer success managers who have vast experience in UA. Not only are they here to support you use our platform but also to offer guidance on media buying strategies and insights:
  • Regular check-ins to monitor progress
  • Latest industry tactics and insights
  • Optimisation suggestions

In-house transformation

Have the desire to move media-buying in-house? Appsumer can assist in empowering your team with initial findings and knowledge sharing so your team get off to the right start:
  • Performance audit
  • Media buying strategy
  • Managed media buying

Ready to improve performance
with actionable insights?