Never miss an optimization opportunity again

Grow revenue across your app advertising channels with a cross-channel optimization platform purpose-built for UA

Appsumer product screenshot
Appsumer product screenshot

Actionable insights to accelerate performance across app advertising channels

Automated Insights - Appsumer Product Feature
Automated Insights

Never miss an optimization opportunity

An automated insights engine that’s constantly scanning campaigns at a granular level across channels to highlight the biggest optimization opportunities.

No-code data exploration - Appsumer Product Feature
No-code Data Exploration

Find the answers you seek

Growth teams can build granular reports and interrogate data on-the-fly without writing a line of code, accelerating optimization and saving data team time.

SKAN Reporting - Appsumer Product Feature
SKAdNetwork (SKAN) Reporting

Maximise your SKAN data

Normalize SKAN data to get an apples-to-apples performance comparison across channels in digestible visualizations that maximize SKAN insights.

Customizable dashboards - Appsumer Product Feature
Customizable Dashboards

KPIs at your fingertips

Customizable dashboards give every stakeholder the KPIs they need in a digestible format using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


Why consumer mobile apps love Appsumer

Without immediate access to your performance data, it will slow down your marketing activities. Appsumer allows my team to focus more on campaign management by automating daily performance reports, ensuring we get those better results.

Jonathan Winters

Head of User Acquisition

Get the performance marketing insights you deserve today


Delivering results across app teams

For Growth leaders

Data you can trust across channels with automated insights for growth

For Channel specialists

Always have the biggest optimization opportunities in front of you

For BI & Data teams

Save time with self-serve insights for your growth team and clean cost data for you

The Appsumer Difference

Complete visibility

Get all your data in one place from even the most obscure sources, with performance visibility down to a granular level for smarter optimization.

By UA team for UA teams

A platform built by mobile user acquisition experts for user acquisition experts. It delivers the insights you need when you need them in your daily workflow.

Data you can trust

With daily QA and the most flexible toolkit to deliver data in exactly the format you need have daily data you can trust in a matter of days.

Get the performance marketing insights you deserve today