Accelerate your entire user acquisition process

With the complete user acquisition engine from Appsumer. All your advertising data; unified, enhanced and ready to use.
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We’re accelerating the most effective UA teams around the world:

Introducing the complete user acquisition engine

Transform all your fragmented cost and attribution data in to rich ROI insights, perfectly tuned to your business.

Automate perfect ROI reporting

• Aggregate all your cost data
• Unify and enrich with revenue data and more
• See ROI of placements, keywords, creatives and sub-pubs
• Customise insights and reports for every stakeholder
• Export through a universal API

Intelligently manage performance

• Define budgets & targets
• Monitor & forecast performance using live ROI data
• Automate alerts
• Invest with greater certainty

Action campaign changes (coming soon)

Soon you’ll be able to action your optimisation decisions directly within Appsumer. Sign up below to be one of the first beta users
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  • Moshi Blum, User Acquisition Lead
    Moshi Blum, User Acquisition Lead
    "I used to spend ages compiling complicated spreadsheets to get the answers needed to manage our campaigns. Now, I can’t remember the last time I had to do this: leaving more time for planning and optimizing. Appsumer has allowed us to follow our own methodology and accelerated my team’s ability to identify opportunities and decide on the best tactics."
  • Mario Dietrich, Global Head of Performance Marketing
    Mario Dietrich, Global Head of Performance Marketing
    "After testing other unified analytics tools, we believe Appsumer is the fastest, most complete solution out there. Not only do they automate our data workflow, unifying cost and revenue data, but they also provide a highly flexible interface. This ensures each channel manager can easily and quickly monitor performance and identify the most profitable ads."
  • Mehul Garg, Marketing Director
    Mehul Garg, Marketing Director
    "We were recommended to Appsumer and were impressed by their genuine and unique approach: SaaS and temporary agency type management. In addition to helping us drive massive scale and efficiency, Appsumer supported us in implementing a proper digital infrastructure, while creating a framework that enabled us to be confident with our own testing and marketing efforts."
  • Chris Steinau, SVP Marketing
    Chris Steinau, SVP Marketing
    “Appsumer were able to significantly improve our ROI within just a few months. This was made possible thanks to their platform and its ability to unify our 1st party data from our BI team with all our paid media channels, allowing us to optimise for quality users at a granular level.”

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