3 Methods to Accelerate Your User Acquisition

3 Methods to Accelerate Your User Acquisition
November 2, 2018 Simon Whittick

The time for influencers is now

Influencer marketing can be an effective means to secure engaged users for your app. It’s become a hot topic for mobile app marketers this year – most likely because we’re now realising how powerful it really is, particularly as an alternative to traditional mobile advertising. It’s becoming an increasingly valuable way for mobile app brands to effectively reach their audiences, providing significant ROI if executed optimally. It’s estimated that influencer marketing will be a $10billion industry by 2020, according to AdWeek. Don’t miss the opportunity to get involved before the market becomes over saturated.  Marketers can tap into Gen Z by working with influencers who represent their core beliefs – authenticity and diversity.

The less spoken about subject around Influencer marketing, and perhaps therefore, less understood is around the question of how much an influencer really costs. How can we effectively measure the ROI of influencers? We’ll be dishing everything you need to know about influencer measurement in an exciting interview soon. Watch this space.


Leverage Apple search Ads

You may or may not have been embracing Apple Search Ads since their launch in 2016. It’s widely believed that despite being around for the last two years, it’s still evolving as a medium and does have a long way to go before it is considered alongside Facebook as a primary UA source. With that said, Apple claims over 65 per cent of downloads are derived from search, therefore Search ads have given app marketers a truly valuable user acquisition channel. They display at the top of App Store search results and can generate an awareness boost for your app’s user acquisition. Apple will surface top-bidding apps at the exact moment users are looking to install – for a set price. There’s no minimum spend or long-term commitment. Search Ads maintain an impressive average mobile user conversion rate of 50% and brands reportedly see 30% higher average revenues among mobile users acquired via Apple Search Ads over mobile users acquired via other mobile ad platforms.


Maximise vertical video

As you know, video is a winning format. It’s been predicted that US mobile video spend will hit $7bn in 2019. The reason? Video ad clicks have been widely recognised for boosting key user acquisition metrics – such as retention and LTV – in a big way.

More specifically, vertical video is being pushed a lot right now, particularly by brands going after Gen Z. The reason being, videos on social media have fundamentally changed the way masses engage with video online. When using social media apps – like Facebook for instance – you scroll vertically through your news feed. When a video ad is offered and you decide to watch it, you either watch a small version of it or rotate your phone to see the detail. It is this rotation which is an unnecessary step in the user journey. In order to deliver a truly native experience, you must incorporate vertical video into your marketing mix. Mobile advertising in this format will be the norm in the very near future.