Appsumer Starter: Free automated cross-channel mobile performance insights for scaling app advertisers

Appsumer Starter: Free automated cross-channel mobile performance insights for scaling app advertisers
September 20, 2022 Simon Whittick

Last year we responded to market changes from Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) by launching our SKAdNetwork (SKAN) reporting tool. A lot has happened since then—Google revealed the Android Privacy Sandbox, ad measurement became more complex and mobile consumer privacy grabbed the headlines.

This year we’re witnessing app advertisers globally adjusting to this new era of mobile advertising with reduced user-level data. In particular, we saw that these changes unfairly discriminated against smaller and scaling app advertisers. Firstly, we saw that their iOS ad spend was initially more negatively impacted by ATT.

Secondly, in our Mobile App Advertising Benchmark Report released recently, we found that smaller scale advertisers have had to consolidate channels in the face of ATT headwinds, whilst the largest have diversified further. 

What we see is that as performance dropped on core channels, diversification was required by the largest advertisers to maintain volumes. However, smaller advertisers lacked the creative, data and optimization resources of larger advertisers to deal with this cross-channel complexity. 

To make cross-channel performance insights more accessible, we have built out a free automated solution with scaling advertisers in mind—Appsumer Starter. It delivers cross-channel performance insights through high-level dashboards and granular reports that are easy to-use and cost nothing.  

Appsumer Starter automates the stitching together of cross-channel cost data from core ad channels like Google, Meta, Snap, TikTok and Apple Search Ads as well as InMobi Ads with attribution data from major Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) like Adjust, Appsflyer, Branch and Kochava. This is done through a plug-and-play setup that takes no time at all. 

Appsumer Starter saves app advertisers significant time and drives better cross-channel decisions that improve performance. Ensuring that the process of scaling performance campaigns across channels is accessible to everyone, not just the largest advertisers. 

What you get with Appsumer Starter 

Appsumer Starter delivers a view of high-level and granular insights across performance advertising channels. The free plan packs the following capabilities:  

  • Automated data ingestion: Cross-channel cost data from Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads, TikTok, Snap and InMobi unified with conversion data from your Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) to save time manually stitching data in spreadsheets. 
  • Easy-to-use dashboards & reports: Self-service dashboards and reports deliver high-level glanceable views of key KPIs and granular performance views to identify optimization opportunities for growth. 
  • Setup in no time for free: You can leave behind your unwieldy manual reporting processes in days with no commitment and a simple self-service setup flow.

All-in-all it saves time manually stitching together untrustworthy data in spreadsheets and gives app advertisers the tools to test new channels quickly and identify opportunities for growth through self-service dashboards and reports.

How to get started

To get started with Appsumer Starter you can create your free account here. There’s 5 simple steps you’ll be guided through:

  1. Select your media partners
  2. Select how you track conversions
  3. Set your goal events
  4. Select your reporting timezone
  5. Configure selected ad accounts

Then you’ll be up and running with easy-to-use reports and dashboards in no time, ready to start making better cross-channel decisions to drive growth.

To start scaling your cross-channel campaigns today, create your free account here or find out more here.