New Feature: Auto Insights ensure you never miss an optimization opportunity again

New Feature: Auto Insights ensure you never miss an optimization opportunity again
May 10, 2023 shumel
New Appsumer Feature: Auto Insights

Often, major changes happen in your mobile app install campaigns at a granular level, however, they’re easily missed amongst the noise of your large scale data across multiple apps, channels, geos, campaigns and creatives. Missing these opportunities and threats can often be the difference between scaling within your target KPI and not. Whilst setting-up rules-based alerts can help to catch some of these changes, the time it takes to set them up at a granular-level and making decisions on the right parameters is difficult. 

That’s why we’ve been busy building Auto Insights as part of our vision of becoming the cross-channel optimization platform for mobile performance advertisers. Auto Insights is built from our view of managing billions of dollars of mobile performance advertising spend through Appsumer. It automatically surfaces the biggest optimization opportunities across your mobile channels including Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads, Snap, TikTok and many more for you to take action immediately.

Now in open beta, Auto Insights currently addresses three major use cases we’ve outlined below, with many more being explored based on customer feedback.

Never let creatives fatigue

A key component of maintaining performance across many channels is keeping creative fresh and reacting quickly when Click-Through Rates (CTRs) start to drop. Auto Insights is constantly scanning at the creative level across channels to identify when CTRs begin to trend down and highlight that to you quickly when a downward trend begins. 


This ensures you can always introduce fresh creatives into the mix quickly to ensure you maintain performance within your target KPI.

Quickly identify campaign issues

A key challenge when you’re running campaigns across multiple apps, geos, channels and targeting options is keeping on top of major movements in Cost Per Install (CPI) either positive or negative to scale or scale back campaigns. Auto Insights is constantly scanning CPIs at the campaign-level to understand movements either positive or negative.

Major changes are then surfaced to you to either pause or scale campaigns to optimize performance.

Optimize budget pacing at a channel-level

Competitor activity or seasonal changes can cause significant fluctuations in channel-level spend which can impact budget pacing. Auto Insights is constantly scanning channel-level spend to identify major fluctuations in budget pacing and ensure channel share of spend stays on pace with what you want.

This ensures you are never caught out when budget periods close and quickly identify significant shifts in channel-level marketplaces to exploit opportunities.

Getting started with Auto Insights

Auto Insights ensures you never miss a mobile app advertising optimization opportunity to drive better performance at a channel, campaign and creative-level. To take advantage of this new feature, existing clients can simply click on the “Insights” tab in the Appsumer platform to see curated optimization insights across your account. If you can’t yet see the ‘Insights” tab, please reach-out to your Customer Success Manager to get it enabled.

If you’re not yet an Appsumer customer request a demo to see the power of this new feature in action and start your setup. We’ll even be at MAU Vegas May 23rd-25th as part of InMobi’s broader presence if you want to see it in-person.