We’re going to become part of InMobi

We’re going to become part of InMobi
October 13, 2021 Simon Whittick

I’ve always been so grateful to all our customers, partners, team members, investors and general industry supporters who backed Appsumer at an early stage in our development. You’ve all been central to developing a product that is already an essential part of so many user acquisition team’s days. 

Given your backing, I wanted to share the news that we’ve signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by InMobi, a leading provider of content, monetization and marketing technologies that help businesses fuel growth. This move means we can now accelerate development of the platform in the coming months and years. 

This is an important era for mobile acquisition as privacy advances limit how user acquisition teams can use deterministic data  to make effective optimisation decisions. We see a window of opportunity to develop the operating system of choice for user acquisition teams in this new privacy era.

This move gives us the support and resources to accelerate execution on that mission. Through our data engineering and visualization expertise in user acquisition we’ve already delivered on the most complete view of performance in a post-ATT world. Now we have the firepower to deliver further, including:

  • Predictive modelling: With the increasingly limited view of post-install behaviour, predictive modelling using machine learning will play a central role in the future of user acquisition analysis. This move gives us the backing to introduce the data science expertise needed to deliver that natively in our platform.
  • Campaign management: To be the operating system for user acquisition, you don’t just need to be able to make effective decisions in Appsumer. You need to take action on them too. In combination with the platforms at InMobi, we believe we will now be able to provide that activation layer for Appsumer clients, so that you can automate analysis AND management of cross-channel campaigns from a single interface.

We will continue as an independent entity under the InMobi umbrella, with the whole team moving across to ensure continuity and acceleration of the service customers know from Appsumer today. 

As soon as I met the InMobi team I was excited by our joint vision for the future of the industry and knew that together we could build the de facto user acquisition operating system for the industry. That’s reflected in what Abhay Singhal co-founder of the InMobi Group and CEO of the InMobi Marketing Cloud had to say on the move today:

 “Acquiring Appsumer is one of the keys to delivering what we expect to deliver to marketers and the right solution to add to the InMobi mix. It is our intent to support the team in keeping Appsumer’s offering the one that their clients count on and support its growth and evolution to meet the market need.” 

I want to thank you again for backing us at an early stage, you’ve been a big part of this first chapter in our journey. The team and I will be investing a huge amount of energy alongside InMobi in the coming months and years to ensure that we deliver even more advanced and effective functionality to your user acquisition toolkit in this next chapter.

If you have any questions, we’re here to answer them.