Snap rolls out a slew of updates to help performance marketers

Snap rolls out a slew of updates to help performance marketers
September 21, 2018 Simon Whittick

On Thursday, we were invited to hear about a series of updates and insights from Snap, lots of which are designed to drive app growth. Snap has never been so focused on helping Performance and Direct response marketing. It’s an exciting time for app marketing on Snap, so we thought it was only fair to share the insights.

Creative best practice for App Install

  1. Build snaps for 5 seconds or less

    2/3 of ad awareness is gained in the first 2 seconds

  2. Feature a single message
  3. Use purposeful sound, including popular music, Voiceover and SFX
  4. Think native -highlight the CTA & think about the placement

  5. Build your creative templates
    Creative templates are good because they are scalable & allow learning agendas

Phone number matching

An exciting new update for app marketers is the launch of phone number matching in Snap Audience, which allows app marketers to identify their audience online, and looks something like this:

Delivery insights

Snap is also rolling out new capabilities for delivery insights. Soon app marketers can enjoy:

  • The ability to see delivery insights for users who install
  • Delivery insights for Purchases and Signups
  • You can then export by CSV to run custom pivots across all ad sets or ads

Reach & Frequency tools

Snap’s new R&F tools will enable advertisers to plan and purchase ad campaigns in advance with increased control over how many people they reach and ad frequency. Soon advertisers will be able to use an R&F planning tool that generates campaign outcome predictions for budget, reach, and CPM.


Audience insights allows customers to explore and plan prospective targeting specs — segmented by dimensions like genders, age groups, locations, interests, and devices. Marketers will now be able to save audiences so they can be applied to ad sets during campaign execution.