Automated Insights

Automated Insights

Get alerted to the biggest optimization opportunities

Always have the biggest optimization opportunities in front of you at a channel, campaign and creative level

Automated Insights - Media
Automated Data Analysis
Seize Opportunities early
Improve Performance

Never let creatives fatigue

When CTR starts decreasing for specific creatives, get alerted so that you can introduce new creatives in the mix early for more efficient ad spend.

Quickly identify
campaign issues

With many campaigns across multiple channels it’s easy to lose track of positive and negative movements. Appsumer’s always looking for major movements to ensure you never miss a campaign optimization opportunity.

Always be on top of spend fluctuations

Competitor activity and seasonal fluctuations quickly increase or decrease spend on particular channels, so ensure you’re never caught out with spend alerts.

How it works


Our automated insights are constantly scanning channels, campaigns and creatives to identify major fluctuations.


Using historical data and our UA expertise we look for data that exceeds thresholds and likely indicates an opportunity for optimization.


Based on this analysis we surface the biggest changes, both positive and negative, in the Appsumer interface with a report to analyze the data more deeply.

The Appsumer Difference

Cross-channel insights

Appsumer ingests data from all your active media channels ensuring you can stay across optimization opportunities on all your channels in one platform.

UA expertise

With year of experience running and analyzing app campaigns our team have designed parameters and insights that will add the most value for your workflow.

Built on trustworthy data

Insights are only as useful as the data they’re built on and that’s why our data flexibility and daily QA ensure that you’re making decisions based on data you can trust.

Get the performance marketing insights you deserve today