Mobile Advertising

Benchmark Report

H1 2020

Analysing the impact of Covid-19 and the potential impact of reduced IDFA visibility on mobile advertising

What will you learn?

In this report we look at the media mix of the consumer mobile apps with the biggest advertising budgets. We analyzed our customer spending habits over the last five quarters and evaluated the impact of Covid-19 in H1 and the potential impact of IDFA losses.

Here’s some of the key insights you can explore:

  • Week-by-week spending habits throughout the Covid-19 impacted period of H1 2020
  • Share of wallet by iOS to understand the projected impact of IDFA losses on media spend.
  • The impact of Covid consolidation on media channel adoption.
  • The changes in share of wallet for major channels including Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads, Snapchat and TikTok.

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