Mobile Advertising

Benchmark Report

Q1 2020

Benchmarking the ad spend of the biggest spending consumer mobile apps in the world and the impact of Covid-19

What will you learn?

Welcome to Appsumer’s inaugural mobile advertising benchmark report!

We analyzed our customer spending habits over the last five quarters. The sample is over 100 apps, spending more than $500m dollars annually and with a median monthly spend of $265k.

Download for a unique look at the mobile advertising spending habits of the biggest spending consumer mobile apps, including:

Channel adoption and spend

  • Media channel diversity: How many channels are the biggest spenders investing in?
  • Media channel adoption: Which channels have the highest percentage adoption amongst the biggest spenders?
  • Share of wallet: Which media networks are getting the largest share of spend from the biggest advertisers?
  • Covid-19 impact: How has Covid-19 has impacted all the above metrics? How has it impacted spend levels in different geos?

Download your copy of the report