Client background

Founded in 2012, LeoVegas is dedicated to providing marvelous mobile casino games anytime, anywhere. Committed to cutting-edge technology and continuous improvements, they provide portable entertainment that performs well on any device with an excellent collection of casino games to explore with intuitive ease on iOS and Android.

Top-line Results

Appsumer adds the equivalent of one team member for LeoVegas allowing them to scale new markets, app titles and channels more efficiently than they could with their previous BI tool.
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LeoVegas’s user acquisition team was a small but mighty team of four with ambitions to expand the business into more markets with more app titles across more advertising channels, whilst maintaining their Cost Per First Deposit.

However, getting a view of performance across titles, channels, OS’s and markets was proving to be a big challenge. With reporting done in Tableau, they had to rely on their BI team to build new views of performance data. Meaning that every time they added a new market, title or channel they could be waiting over a month before they could get a view of performance.

The Solution

Emanuel Peter, LeoVegas’s new Group Head of App Marketing, knew that the current situation was unsustainable if their market, title and channel expansion goals were going to be met. Having previously used Appsumer he knew that it could help the team scale more efficiently.

Using Appsumer, Emanuel’s team immediately had their cost data from all their media partners unified with their attribution data from Appsflyer. This was delivered across all their app titles and markets in easy-to-use dashboards and reports every day, which delivered:

  • Easy-to-use filters: Without needing support from the BI team they could easily create new dashboard and reporting views for new markets and app titles in a matter of minutes.
  • Out-the-box connectors: With pre-built connectors for 100+ media channels when they wanted to add a new media partner they could get started without reporting delays.
  • Longitudinal analysis: They could easily understand what’s performing and what’s not with visual comparisons across time periods for all metrics.
  • Goal indicators: They could quickly identify areas of focus with visual goal indicators that helped them identify where to focus their energy at the start of the day.

Using Appsumer’s custom calculated metrics Emanuel has also been able to get richer data views. For example, using Appsumer’s flexible data ingestion they’re added their internal predictive LTV model to reporting, which has enabled them to create a custom calculated ROAS metric allowing them to optimize beyond Cost Per First Deposit for better financial performance. They’ve also created a custom calculated metric to track campaign pacing on a daily basis to keep them on track.

With Appsumer’s team of user acquisition experts they’ve also found it easy to have their requirements translated into reality with a rapid response to add additional things like metrics or new data sources.

The Results

As a result of using Appsumer, Emanuel’s team saw multiple benefits, including:

  • Appsumer did the equivalent work of one team member compared to their previous setup.
  • This meant they didn’t have to add new team members as they added multiple new markets and app titles as well as new channels to the existing markets.
  • They could also optimize campaigns to actual return on ad spend, which delivered better financial performance for LeoVegas

“Appsumer has powered LeoVegas to grow more confidently and efficiently. Without Appsumer we wouldn’t have been able to scale across markets, titles and channels in the way we have, whilst delivering financial performance improvements.”

Emanuel Peter

Group Head of App Marketing
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