Client background

Come2Play is a developer of social multiplayer games, enjoyed by 10 million users worldwide. Roni Gertel Birger, who heads up user acquisition for their three mobile apps is responsible for everything from planning the overall user acquisition strategy to managing and optimising campaigns.

Top-line Results

Come2Play optimizes quicker and tests new channels with Appsumer.
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As a one-person team, achieving scale and ensuring profitable ROI across three apps could not be left to chance.  With the business focused on in-app purchases, it’s imperative for Roni to bring a constant stream of the highest quality users, in terms of revenue and ROI, to the apps. Aggregating large quantities of data from multiple sources manually was taking up too much of her time.  In order to be more efficient, do more optimising and build a winning strategy, Roni needed one place to monitor and analyze all their aggregated campaign data.

The Solution

Data-driven creative insights 

Appsumer empowered Roni to expose creative level insights, allowing her to understand exactly which creative assets engage the best users. Creative segmenting lets Roni group creative performance by asset attributes such as dimensions, theme, or colour to understand performance across all sources and apps. This allows her to effectively communicate data-driven recommendations to the creative team, using the leanings to recommend the development of future creative assets.

“It’s not only about looking at click through and conversion rates, nor is it always about the lowest CPI. The creatives need to not only engage users but engage the right users – those that bring ROI. With Appsumer I can A/B test anything and give better feedback about what’s working, and also what new concepts to test”, said Roni. 

Scaling with limited resources

With Appsumer, Come2Play can lift more with fewer hands. Having all spend, revenue and internal data aggregated and unified in one place means Roni can be more efficient with her time, enabling her to single handedly scale across 11 media partners.

“To monitor spend and performance means I can optimize better, plan strategy better, and helps me to know whether a new partner is doing well or not. Then I can carry on or pause activity if I need to. I think it would have been extremely challenging to scale and test new partners without Appsumer. Daily reporting, aggregation, creative reporting – I can manage all activity by myself because of Appsumer”, said Roni.

Appsumer’s data API

The BI team at Come2Play uses Appsumer’s API to pull spend data from all their media partners, freeing up precious BI time. Having to build individual, multiple API integrations is an extremely time-consuming process.

 “The BI team only have a certain number of hours they can dedicate to our UA initiatives. This time would be swallowed up by building and maintaining API integrations, instead of sending reports, analysing or building LTV models. They wouldn’t have time to do these without Appsumer’s API.”

Easy on-boarding of new team members

Having access to over a year’s worth of historical data means that when new team members come on board, Roni can rest assured that they will be able to get up to speed quickly.

 “For a new person to come in and to be able to have all that historical data – to know exactly which partners we’ve worked with, and what we did with them on a campaign, keyword and creative level – means we don’t lose any time. It’s a mountain of information that I couldn’t possibly handover without Appsumer’s platform.”

“If I didn’t have Appsumer’s platform to analyze the performance better and in a more efficient way, the quality of my decisions and my work wouldn’t be as good. If I had to spend a lot of time aggregating the data and optimizing the campaigns, I wouldn’t have had time to grow, strategize, come up with new innovations and tests. Appsumer allows me to do a better job within the same time-frame.”

Roni Gertel Birger

Head of User Acquisition
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