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The Challenge

Gett is one of the world’s leading mobility apps. They provide taxi and delivery services, as well as B2B solutions across multiple different markets, including: Russia, USA, Israel and the UK. The biggest challenge for Gett was unifying their spend and revenue data at a granular enough level to make fast and smart optimisation decisions. Gett’s UA team were spending dozens of hours each week on manual reporting, while the BI team were learning that building and maintaining a myriad of API integrations to umpteen media sources was no trivial task. Gett sought after a solution to complement their existing BI tool; to automate accurate ad spend reporting and enable deep creative insights. Gett seamlessly integrated with Appsumer and began enjoying the Appsumer effect within a matter of days.

The Solution

City-level reporting

Each market Gett operates in requires a different set of metrics, KPIs and unit economics. Appsumer enables Gett to slice & dice their data at city level granularity. “Having access to city-level reporting saves a lot of time in standardising campaign names across different sources. When you’re working with different markets, being able to report all of the cost data and revenue data, at city level granularity, is pivotal in ensuring Gett is cost effective and ROI positive”,  said Oded, Global Head of Performance Marketing at Gett.

Granular creative insights

The Appsumer platform allows Gett to enrich their data with custom dimensions in order to drive better performance, optimise and truly understand how their creatives perform. Appsumer has made it easy to slice & dice the data based on size, duration, creative theme colour, CTA, ad copy, button colour, etc. All of these attributes and custom dimensions are really crucial for enabling us to analyse our creative performance”, said Oded.

API pull: BI empowerment

Gett required a solution they could integrate with seamlessly and accurately, that could complement their already existing BI functionality. Gett now leverages Appsumer to feed campaign data into their internal BI tool. The BI team plugs into Appsumer to access a myriad of API integrations,  instead of spending the time and resource building and maintaining their own integrations. In turn, this frees up dozens of BI hours per week and empowers them to focus on wider initiatives.

The Result

Working with Appsumer continues to save Gett’s UA and BI teams dozens of hours per week. With immediate access detailed insights, in one place, Gett can invest their budgets more intelligently. Being able to measure their activity and spend performance has allowed Gett to scale their user acquisition campaigns.

“What really makes Appsumer stand out from other tools is the streamlined integration they provide; the outstanding customer service, and extremely intuitive, slick user interface. The data is very accurate and the data refresh is very reliable. Shumel and the company as a whole, have a very good understanding of the challenges actually facing user acquisition teams and so their product road-map is very aligned with that. They are always listening to what their customers need.

Oded Onn

Global Head of Performance Marketing
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