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The Challenge

Miniclip is a large scale developer and publisher of mobile games. Their user acquisition team is responsible for managing mobile campaigns for a number of different apps globally. Working with 15+ UA channels meant the team were investing a lot of time in getting all their performance data from a number of disparate sources, and manually compiling it into excel spreadsheets to make sense of the data. Miniclip wanted to spend more time optimising their campaigns and focus more on their overall user acquisition strategy. That’s when they looked for a 3rd party tool to help them connect all of their UA channels in one dashboard.


The solution

Detailed insights, on demand

“What’s important when it comes to data aggregation”, said Jonathan, “is how much detail you get out of it”. It was important for Miniclip to be able to deep dive into the individual performance of sub-publishers, for example, or individual ads. This level of detail really allowed Miniclip to assess the performance of campaigns.

Customisable dashboards

“Without immediate access to your performance data, it will slow down your campaign management and your marketing activities,” said Jonathan. With numerous new releases, it was important for Miniclip that when they launch new games, they can be integrated into the reporting dashboard with a new API. “It’s great to see that only after 24 hours you have a spend dashboard for your new game that you just soft launched.”

Automated reporting, empowering UA & BI

Working with Appsumer meant Miniclip was able to access all of their important reporting data automatically from one dashboard. In turn, this removed a lot of workload from the UA team itself. What’s more, “the data that is being aggregated by Appsumer isn’t just available to the UA team, but also allows our business intelligence team to access this data for their internal tools as well.”

The Result

Working with Appsumer enabled Miniclip to spend more time working on campaign management and optimisations, ensuring that they hit their performance targets.

“It’s really exciting to see that Appsumer is working on tools beyond just reporting, so the campaign management trial is very exciting. We will hopefully get to a state where we can manage all those campaigns from one universal dashboard rather than logging into various different management dashboards.”

Jonathan Winters

Head of User Acquisition
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