Client background

PicsArt has become the world’s largest creative platform with more than 150 million monthly active users - all creating, remixing and sharing close to one billion pieces of content every month. People come to PicsArt to channel their inner creativity, whether it’s to perfect their everyday moments, celebrate their passions, promote their business/organization, or to create awesome art. PicsArt’s overall company mission is to provide a world-class product that empowers the world through visual storytelling.

Top-line Results

PicsArt reduces time spent on reporting by 10x with Appsumer. The time reinvested in campaign optimisation and the deeper insights gained helped PicsArt’s user acquisition team to see significant improvements across their KPIs.
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PicsArt’s data aggregation and reporting process was very manual. They extracted and combined data from various sources like publisher interfaces and their attribution partner into spreadsheets daily. It was time consuming for both the user acquisition and business intelligence teams. With resources taken from campaign optimization, experimentation and core business data projects.

It also left room for error, which could lead to incorrect decision making. Given the effort, they could only gather the granular insights required by the user acquisition team to make optimization decisions on a weekly basis. There were also some limitations extracting geo level data. .

In an effort to improve efficiency in this area they searched for an automated data aggregation and reporting solution. They wanted a solution to provide high level dashboards for key stakeholders and granular reports for the user acquisition team to optimize against their KPIs..

The Solution

PicsArt chose Appsumer for three key reasons. Firstly, because their daily granular reporting could be automated. Secondly, because all their UA channels were supported out-the-box. Thirdly, because the flexible dashboards enabled high-level insights for stakeholders and granular insights on-the-fly for the user acquisition team.

Picsart used Appsumer’s full platform. This included cost aggregation to automate the pulling of cost data from all their advertising channels. The unification of this cost data with attribution data was also automated.

They were then able to use Appsumer’s dashboard and reporting tools with simple filtering to create dashboards and reports. The user acquisition team could use filters and the widget builder to create specific dashboards for individual stakeholders including finance and the executive team. The user acquisition team were also able to use the reporting functionality to build the granular campaign performance reports they needed on a daily basis to optimize acquisition channels at a more granular level.

The setup was simple with support from industry experts in Appsumer’s Customer Success, Support and Implementation teams. They were up and running with the custom solutions they needed in weeks.

The Results

As a result of implementing Appsumer, PicsArt saw significant improvements in the efficiency of their user acquisition efforts including:

A 10x reduction in the weekly user acquisition teams time spent on data aggregation and reporting

An 8x reduction in the monthly time required from the business intelligence team for user acquisition reporting

The user acquisition team were able to get the granular insights they needed to make decisions on a daily rather than weekly basis.

3x increase in the number of optimization experiments executed monthly

With the time reinvested in campaign optimization and the deeper insights gained PicsArt’s user acquisition team saw significant improvements across their KPIs.

“Appsumer has made our user acquisition team faster and more agile. Optimization is now more efficient and effective. Their implementation, support and success teams have been exceptional with their industry expertise and enabled us to extract maximum value from the platform in a short period of time.” 

Heedrin Bustamante

Director of User Acquisition, PicsArt
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