Top Grossing Kids TV App Hopster Boosts Roi and Saves Time


Client Background

Hopster is a preschool learning and entertainment app. It brings together popular kids TV shows, educational games, music and books through a safe, ad-free subscription service. Having expanded into over 100 countries since its launch in 2015, Hopster was on the lookout for a paid marketing tool that could facilitate its growth.

Top-line Results

2 hours saved daily & ROI doubled MoM, fuelled by data from Appsumer’s API

The Challenge

As Hopster scaled, the sheer volume of raw data grew. The team at Hopster were stuck in spreadsheets, consumed by manually compiling reports on past campaign performance in excel. The insights were basic. Time was wasted. Hopster needed a holistic view of campaign performance across all media channels, with access to ROI insights – specifically – best performing territories and keywords, in order to optimise campaigns, as well as prove the effectiveness of paid media activity to senior stakeholders.

Hopster found when it came to sharing top-level UA performance with senior stakeholders, it meant rebuilding existing spreadsheets, which could take up to a day and a half. After grappling with excel, the team were on the hunt for a tool to speed up their user acquisition process.

“We shopped around for a product to fulfil our needs, finding that other tools was trying to do too much at once. After meeting Appsumer at an industry event, I was excited by their product and team”, said Hopster’s Lead Growth Manager, Goerge Jurgens.  Hopster’s internal BI team were at capacity building and maintaining multiple APIs to media partners, as well as focusing on wider business initiatives. They simply didn’t have the infrastructure to support paid marketing activities.

The Solution

Automated reporting

The manual reporting Hopster had been doing in excel was not only taking up significant time but the reports couldn’t give them the level of granularity or accuracy they needed. Identifying the ROI of keywords and placements was on top of Hopster’s agenda.  Appsumer automated Hopster’s daily reporting, unifying their fragmented campaign data from all sources, giving Hopster the granular ROI insights they needed in order to optimise their campaigns, quickly and effectively.

Universal API

Hopster now leverages Appsumer to feed campaign data into their internal BI tool. The BI team plugs into Appsumer to access hundreds of API integrations in one place & with no loss of data, which significantly frees up their internal resource to focus on wider initiatives.

Dashboards for stakeholders

Hopster needed a quick, frictionless method for sharing campaign data with senior stakeholders, without having to manually rebuild spreadsheets in excel. Appsumer’s Dashboards section was built exactly for this purpose. Each morning, when the Hopster team log into the Appsumer platform, they are greeted with a high-level view of campaign performance, without having to log into multiple different channel partners to get the data.

“I love how visual and customisable the dashboards are. I can quickly get down into the detail, choosing different graphs, metrics and cohorts to then export for each individual stakeholder. This used to take days to achieve. With Appsumer it’s done within a matter of seconds.”

The Result



Hours saved daily

ROI increase

The impact of working with Appsumer was made clear immediately. Saving 2 hours each day on building manual reports in excel left the Hopster team with more time for optimising campaigns, allowing them to react quicker. With access to on-demand, detailed insights, in one place, Hopster’s ROI has doubled month on month.

“Before Appsumer, I was having to spend a couple of hours every day pulling together reports in one spreadsheet. As the business grew and we started testing new channels, it got to a level where our spreadsheets couldn’t handle the amount of data we had anymore. Our reporting fell 2-3 days behind, seriously slowing down our operations. I can’t tell you how much Appsumer have transformed my daily processes. We needed a sophisticated way to aggregate this data and generate detailed insights based on it. Having visibility of all our channels through one seamless integration, without any of the heavy lifting has dramatically improved Hopster’s performance. The results speak for themselves.”

George Jurgens

Lead Growth Manager

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