Client background

TreasureHunt is a Berlin-based gaming studio, responsible for creating bubble shooter games across multiple platforms.

Top-line Results

ROI 17% (Nov 17) to 41% (April 18) ROI increased 240% in 2018
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TreasureHunt was experiencing the issue of fragmentation within the mobile ecosystem. Managing several different platforms meant it was becoming complicated and time-consuming to aggregate all their performance data in a way where they could make actionable decisions based on it.

Every department within the business has their own objectives, which align to TreasureHunt’s

overall goal. For the UA team, this means focusing on events and metrics closer to the top of the funnel. For example, installs, conversion rates and revenue on a cohort window (7 days/ 30days). A shorter cohort window would allow the team to take quicker action based upon the performance of campaign optimisations.

Before Appsumer, TreasureHunt would spend hours building multiple spreadsheets, each focusing on different metrics. This entailed building one giant report and pulling smaller reports from this data set. If something needed to be edited it would involve heavy work to make the necessary changes, costing the team time valuable time and resource.

The Solution

Automated reporting & Stakeholder management

By automating their user acquisition reports, TreasureHunt saves a lot of time and resource. Having access to all the data they need under one umbrella means they can measure the impact of their activity easily and quickly. They can also surface this data to the relevant audiences internally. For example,  C-Level, marketing, product, and design, who all require varying levels of detail in their reports. With easily adaptable styles of reports and visualisations, Appsumer allows TreasureHunt to quickly highlight to the relevant stakeholders the metrics that matter the most.


TreasureHunt was able to build a historical LTV model based upon their data. With Appsumer’s reporting functionality, the UA team could pull all of this information together. Appsumer takes in to account TreasureHunt’s previous months of activity as a basis for forecasting. Using Appsumer to aggregate all the historical LTV data, allowed TreasureHunt to build the foundation for the internal BI team to use to make future decisions.

Creative segmentation

With Appsumer’s ability to pull in actual creative information, TreasureHunt can analyse and pivot out exactly what is and isn’t working in terms of specific creative, trends over time, different geos or platforms. This eradicates the need to use multiple platforms and removes the main of manually pivoting multiple data sources. All the information TreasureHunt now need is in one platform

The Results

ROI  17% (Nov 17) to 41% (April 18)

ROI increased 240% in 2018

"It used to feel like the time spent manually updating reports through various third-party platforms was longer than the time spent actually analyzing the performance of our campaigns! Thanks to Appsumer, we now have a robust and unified reporting solution that provides both quick overviews and detailed breakdowns of our campaigns, on-demand. We also really appreciate the intuitiveness and customizability of the platform, as well as Appsumer's openness to our feature requests and needs."

Arthur Chin

UA Lead
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