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The Challenge

Viber is a messaging and calling app with millions of users around the world. Moshi Blum, who heads up User Acquisition for Viber, found inefficiencies within his UA processes. He recognised the need for a third-party tool, however previously found them too restrictive. Moshi sought after a flexible, customizable solution to empower him and his team to excel in their jobs.

Life before Appsumer saw Moshi’s team spending hours every week on reporting: gathering data from all marketing sources and manually connecting it to attribution partner data, in order to understand the impact of their marketing activities every day, every week and every month. “The time that we spent analyzing the data on a daily, weekly, monthly basis is time that we couldn’t spend optimizing our activities” said Moshi.

The Solution

Unifying fragmented data

Appsumer integrates with all Viber’s spend, attribution and internal revenue data sources automatically and unifies it in one place, allowing Moshi to analyze the ROAS of a single creative, keyword or sub-publisher. “In one dashboard, we see all the data gathered from different campaigns and we can deep-dive into the impact of a single creative on one hand, or the impact of the entire activity on the other” said Moshi.

Dashboards for stakeholders

Viber has many stakeholders who all rely on data from Appsumer’s platform. Moshi’s team used to spend hours building different performance reports to suit various stakeholders in the company. “Now I can create as many dashboards or presentations as I need: in order to serve my needs and in order to communicate the importance of UA within the company. The fact that I can just share a report with my CEO and he will know exactly where the money went and the performance of the activities, is amazing.”

Built by UA for UA

“It was clear from the start that the product was built by marketing professionals and created to help other marketing professionals. All of the wildest dreams I had about marketing analytics solutions that could help me leverage what I do and help me emphasise exactly what I want to bring to the UA team – was already there in the product. Appsumer helps us to excel in what we do.”

“The fact that we have all of our marketing data within one platform, both paid and organic, means we only have to log into one system every day. That’s Appsumer” 

Moshi Blum

Head of User Acquisition
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