Circle Pay

Client Background

The Circle Pay app makes sending money to friends and family across the world as simple as sending a text. Since its launch in 2013, it’s quickly become one of the hottest fintech start-ups around.

Top-line Results

More granular creative insights allowed them to scale paid marketing in-house, test more, and accelerate their growth.

The Challenge

Circle was hungry for rapid growth. They wanted to build a scalable paid marketing initiative, which could be managed in-house.

  • Circle’s primary objective wasn’t just to have users sign up to the app. They wanted people to link their card and make a transaction. They previously found buying, targeting and optimising to those actions difficult, as it was challenging to get a clear view of media performance down to these specific actions.
  • Circle had precise actions with specific segments of customers they wanted to optimise towards, but they didn’t have a complete view of how much those actions cost: “we could do it, but it would be very difficult on our side to expand across many different tests, creatives and platforms.” Circle needed to be able to take all the data they have and unify it with spend data to give them a complete view of performance across all those different dimensions.
  • Creative testing was slow and laborious. The Circle team would have to waste time manually pulling datasets in order to establish which creatives were driving the best.
  • Reporting was slow and generally a very manual process.

The Solution

Scaling paid UA

The Appsumer team and tool helped Circle scale their UA in-house effectively, allowing for more relevant and efficient media buying. “We’re looking at where the direction of the product is going and where our consumers are going, and now we can react quicker to those trends.”

Creative optimisation

Appsumer’s Tagging tool enriched Circle’s data, adding extra layers of information for creative visualisation. With this, Circle was able to quickly and easily test lifestyle creative against product creative, and reallocate budget according to which drove the highest performance. “Appsumer’s platform allowed us to see that people were making the specific actions that we wanted to, eg. splitting a bill, from the product creative versus the lifestyle creative.”

Full data control

Circle was able to leverage their own internal data, unify it with spend and attribution data inside the Appsumer platform, and measure the success of campaigns in real-time. Circle could then be more reactive to campaign performance, paving the way for a quicker, more informed decision-making process.

The Result



Reduction of CPA

Increase of scale

With Appsumer, Circle was able to confidently scale their in-house paid marketing initiative. The Appsumer platform enabled Circle to run hyper-targeted campaigns and optimise them to specific actions. With on-demand, super granular creative insights, Circle’s cost per first transaction dropped by 72%, whilst scaling 10 fold in the UK.

“What first struck us about Appsumer was the sheer flexibility of the platform. They could cater very quickly to our specific needs. Appsumer’s platform has enabled us to increase our velocity of testing and make it more measurable to specific actions. Appsumer’s team are unique in the sense that they want to help their clients understand how to make winning decisions. Appsumer is now part and parcel of what we do as a business”.

Jack Collier

Marketing Director, Europe