Cross-Channel Aggregation

Cross-Channel Aggregation

All your app data automatically in one place

100+ connectors with ad channels, MMPs, analytics tools and more with our proprietary normalization schema delivering clean and unified data you can trust.

Cross-Channel Aggregation - Media
Trust your Data
Test New Channels easily
Save time on Data Plumbing

100+ pre-built connectors

100+ user acquisition connectors with ad channels, MMPs, analytics tools, revenue sources and more. Get complete coverage of spend and add new channels easily.


Data unification and normalization schemas that ensure you’re comparing performance accurately across channels for better decision making.

Feed your own BI setup

Feed clean cross-channel cost data into your existing BI setup to save time building and maintaining connections and power your growth team to test new channels easily.

Appsumer aggregates data quickly and accurately providing us with the real-time and highly detailed insights required for optimizing our campaigns effectively. We can slice and dice data in a way that suits our business and invest our budget with greater speed and confidence.

Michael Bork

Head of User Acquisition, Adidas Runtastic

Features for unrivalled flexibility

Data status visibility

Full transparency on the status of each integration so you know where to analyze and where to wait

Normalize currencies

Take data from multiple currencies and automate the normalization into a single currency.

Vendor & agency fees

Include agency and vendor fees to get a true performance view whether you in-house or outsource channels or tools.

Custom data sources

Multiple ways to connect long-tail media sources or internal revenue data using universal connectors for a complete view.

Custom dimensions

Overlay custom parameters to slice and dice data by different factors such as creative themes or custom regions.

Predictive LTV

Ingest your predictive LTV data to get an early read on the forecasted impact of optimisation decisions.

The Appsumer Difference

Cross-channel insights

Appsumer ingests data from all your active media channels ensuring you can stay across optimization opportunities on all your channels in one platform.

UA expertise

With year of experience running and analyzing app campaigns our team have designed parameters and insights that will add the most value for your workflow.

Built on trustworthy data

Insights are only as useful as the data they’re built on and that’s why our data flexibility and daily QA ensure that you’re making decisions based on data you can trust.

Get the performance marketing insights you deserve today