Customizable Dashboards

Customizable Dashboards

Complex data made digestible by you

Give every stakeholder the app advertising KPIs they need in a digestible format using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Never miss a beat
Save Data Team Time
Communicate your team’s value

All your data in
digestible views

Stop manually aggregating cross-channel UA data in spreadsheets. Have all your data normalized and ready every morning for a complete view of performance

Build the right
view of KPIs yourself

Never wait for your BI team to build a dashboard again. With a wealth of visualizations, metrics, flexible goal visualizations and filters in a simple drag-and-drop interface build exactly the KPI view you need.

Justify investments
to the business

Justify increased investments to executive and finance teams with custom digestible views of ROI, built on data you and they can trust. Get your team the resources they need.

“Appsumer has made our user acquisition team faster and more agile. Optimization is now more efficient and effective. Their implementation, support and success teams have been exceptional with their industry expertise and enabled us to extract maximum value from the platform in a short period of time.”

Heedrin Bustamante

Director of User Acquisition, PicsArt

Features for unrivalled flexibility

Custom views

Save views for different stakeholders in your business. Whether it’s the finance or executive team, get them the metrics they need.

Automated exchange rate

If you’re running multinational campaigns, automate the conversion to a single currency to compare apples-to-apples performance across markets.

Flexible visualization

Simply select you visulization, from every possible option, including our popular cohort charts and see your data come to life the way you want.

Goal indicators

App performance advertising is all about meeting or exceeding goals. Bring your goals to life with our flexible goal indicators to ensure you’re always on track.

Easy-to-use filters

Whether it’s OS, app title, channel or geo, simply apply the filters you need with an easy-to-use interface to deliver the view of data you need.

Drag-and-drop interface

With our simple drag-and-drop interface you can easily build the perfect dashboard to communicate KPIs in the most effective way to stakeholders.

The Appsumer Difference

Self-service insights

Never bother your BI or data team again to get reports or add new channels, with Appsumer you can serve up the insights you need without needing their help.

Mobile UA expertise

This isn’t a generic marketing reporting tool. Not only do we have the app advertising integrations you need, we also understand the metrics that power effective mobile user acquisition.

Built on trustworthy data

Insights are only as useful as the data they’re built on and that’s why our data flexibility and daily QA ensure that you’re making decisions based on data you can trust.

Get the performance marketing insights you deserve today