SKAdNetwork (SKAN) Reporting

SKAN Reporting

SKAdnetwork (SKAN) reporting solved

Appsumer makes sense of your ID and non-ID measurement data so that you can continue data-driven optimization and have confidence in Investment decisions.

Identify privacy threshold gaps
Apple-to-Apples Performance
Comparison Across Platforms

Ingest SKAN data
from multiple sources

Automatically ingest SKAN data from your MMP, ad networks or both for a more complete view of performance.

Understand the impact of the privacy threshold

The privacy threshold limits your view of performance on low volume campaigns. Get a simple view of which campaigns are being hit by the privacy threshold to consolidate campaigns and increase the volume insight you get on installs.

Normalize complex & fragmented data

Whether it’s coarse-grain or fine-grain conversion values, different conversion windows or ID and non-ID based performance data our flexible normalization engine will create an apples-to-apples performance comparison for better decisions.

“Appsumer is a one stop solution for mobile user acquisition teams. It’s allowed our small team to grow the budget 2.5X in 5 months, whilst maintaining our efficiency metrics. The automated, accessible and meaningful insights are second to none.”

Richard Kos

Head of User Acquisition, Sparkling Society

Features for unrivalled flexibility

SKAN connectors

Out-the-box connectors with the SKAdNetowrk APIs of all major MMPs and media partners give you flexibility and save time building and maintaining new integrations.

SKAN vs MMP labels

Quickly identify the source of a metric in reporting with easy-to-use data labels that give you clarity on metrics to power better decision making.

Custom calculations

Create custom calculations that combine SKAN and MMP data so that you can get a better view of combined performance on iOS rather than toggling tabs.

Understandable reporting

Lot’s of SKAN reporting is clunk and indigestible, with Appsumer’s SKAN solution you get your SKAN and MMP data in a digestible format that you already understand.

Easy-to-use filters

Whether it’s OS, SKAN, MMP or channel data, simply apply the filters you need with an easy-to-use interface to deliver the view of data you need.

Powerful SKAN normalization

Normalize fragmented ID and non-ID data, different conversion windows and conversion value types with our powerful normalization engine for better decisions.

The Appsumer Difference

High-touch service from SKAN experts

Like an extension of your team our SKAN implementation experts will hold your hand through the transition and support you when defining key things like conversion value schemas.

Flexible normalization that handles SKAN complexity

A big challenge of SKAN is the different structures of ID and non-ID based data spread in different locations. With flexible ingestion and powerful normalization Appsumer overcomes this challenge.

Built on aggregate data from the ground-up

With no need for user-level identifiers or SDKs Appsumer has been built on aggregate data from the ground-up with a privacy-first mindset for consumers.

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