The industry is entering a new phase of sophistication — are you ready?

User acquisition is advancing rapidly and becoming increasingly sophisticated. This is the key finding of a new study amongst experts in app and performance marketing who are addressing some big challenges in their pursuit of perfection. They are challenges that look set to dominate the user acquisition agenda for the year ahead as they are felt by publishers across all app categories:

  1. Mobile fraud and attribution
  2. In-housing and the role of agencies
  3. Ad network partnering and planning
  4. Key metrics and the shift to optimize ROAS/LTV
  5. The impact of AI and plans to automate marketing tasks

These are the five key themes voiced by senior UA practitioners as they gear up for the year ahead that point towards a discipline that is maturing rapidly. Our survey, in conjunction with MobileGroove, spoke to 35 mobile app marketers across a wide range of app categories and included senior UA contacts at Viber, Gett, PikPok, InnoGames, Ada Health, and Free2Move.

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